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Baryn Futa’s reasons for supporting the arts

March 23, 2020

Benefactors around the globe are what keep the high arts surviving and thriving. Baryn Futa and others like him provide financial support to these endeavors in addition to personal support in the form of attendance and assistance. They help artists become professionals who make a living from their work and they aid museums that face faltering admissions and donations.

But why support the arts? Why follow in the footsteps of Futa and become a benefactor for artistic endeavors? Arts are proven to improve academic performance, creating a more well-rounded student with a creative outlet. Art strengthens the overall economy and drives guests to local businesses via tourism. This helps to increase revenue for business as well as the community. Art is shown to improve personal wellbeing, bringing positive experiences into world experiences. Art drives creative industries; beyond art museums and galleries, art serves as a vital backbone to architecture, music, fashion and more, all of which uplift communities.. And lastly, art sparks additional innovation and creativity, amplifying individuals and society as a whole. But the reasons to support art, in general and for Baryn Futa, are innumerable and each is incredibly worth exploring additionally and getting behind for arts to grow and prosper today and in the future.