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Museum benefactor Baryn Futa

September 19, 2020

In a society where many museums and fine arts exhibits are shuttering their doors due to lack of funds, one arts appreciator is putting his money where his mouth is to keep the arts as alive as possible. Fine arts benefactor Baryn Futa has spent the last several years -- and then some -- supporting the arts in any way possible. From aiding individual artists in their dreams and endeavors to assisting museums through the recession, Baryn Futa has been pleased to bring his resources to the arts and their development, their growth and their future. Classrooms everywhere continue to suffer due to program shortfalls, cutting art classes around the U.S. Similarly, many small-town art galleries cannot sustain on community support alone. But benefactors such as Futa are doing their part to bring the support necessary back to creative expression and back to those artists who strive to make a living from their works of beauty.